Grizzly Beard Oil - 100% All-Natural Beard Oil
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NEW* Frankincense Grizzly Beard Butter

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Introducing our latest creation - Grizzly Beard Butter! Containing the same amount of oil as our bottles, this can of butter packs the same great value and less mess than our bottle of oils. Traveling? Worried about the glass breaking and leaking oil? Then our butter is perfect for you!

The Three Wise Men recognized that Jesus was destined to become a man of great significance. Just as Frankincense gifted to him by one of these kings, bestow this aromatic resin upon yourself for a godly beard!

Frankincense possesses a rare scent, dark mix of balsamic-spicy, with conifer undertones and a hint of lemon. This mysterious fragrance even holds powerful therapeutic qualities for relaxation and stress relief.

Grizzly Beard Oils offer a unique blend of rich essential oils. We also infuse carefully selected scents to bring aromatized character to the bearded-one.

This all-natural formula deeply nourishes both beard and facial area.  Grizzly beast meets the modern gentlemen as you treat your man-mane to:

-    Healthier Hair – Soften bristly beards and repair split ends

-    Mightier Growth – Fuller and thicker facial hair growth

-    Natural Control – Train and style without getting greasy

-    Nourished Skin – Reduced itching and prevents flaky skin

-    Increased Sex Appeal – Just ask your lady, she’ll tell you!

Bestow this Frankincense scented beard oil upon your man-mane. With this mysterious aura of great magnitude; others will unknowingly gravitate towards you for leadership.

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