Grizzly Beard Oil - 100% All-Natural Beard Oil
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Frankincense Grizzly Beard Oil

Frankincense Grizzly Beard Oil

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The Three Wise Men recognized that Jesus was destined to become a man of great significance. Just as Frankincense gifted to him by one of these kings, bestow this aromatic resin upon yourself for a godly beard!

Frankincense possesses a rare scent, dark mix of balsamic-spicy, with conifer undertones and a hint of lemon. This mysterious fragrance even holds powerful therapeutic qualities for relaxation and stress relief.

Grizzly Beard Oils offer a unique blend of rich essential oils. We also infuse carefully selected scents to bring aromatized character to the bearded-one.

This all-natural formula deeply nourishes both beard and facial area.  Grizzly beast meets the modern gentlemen as you treat your man-mane to:

-    Healthier Hair – Soften bristly beards and repair split ends

-    Mightier Growth – Fuller and thicker facial hair growth

-    Natural Control – Train and style without getting greasy

-    Nourished Skin – Reduced itching and prevents flaky skin

-    Increased Sex Appeal – Just ask your lady, she’ll tell you!

Bestow this Frankincense scented beard oil upon your man-mane. With this mysterious aura of great magnitude; others will unknowingly gravitate towards you for leadership.

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